Amos House

How they serve the community
Amos House is a nonprofit agency that provides food, housing, education, and job training to individuals and families struggling with homelessness and poverty. Orginally opened in 1976 as a community soup kitchen serving 20 men each day, the organization has grown to become a multifaceted social service organization serving over 15,000 men, women, and children in need each year.

How the BlueAngel grant will help
Amos House’s 90-day programs for men and women serve those who are previously homeless and struggle with addiction and other co-occurring disorders. Approximately 200 individuals per year are served in these programs. The Psychiatric Services program will provide uninsured men and women with access to a psychiatrist on site who will provide evaluation, medication, and follow-up. Offering mental health services on site eliminates the barrier of transportation/coordination that may interfere with clients getting psychiatric care. Without addressing both addiction and underlying mental illness, the probability of moving people from homelessness to self sufficiency is minimal. Most of the emergency room visits by the chronically homeless are substance abuse/mental illness related and the cost is prohibitive.