Progresso Latino

Progreso Latino

Program being funded: Improve Your Health (Mejora tu Salud) Program





How they serve the community

Progreso Latino is the largest bilingual, multicultural social service agency in the state of Rhode Island whose goal is to help the immigrant community achieve greater self-sufficiency and self-determination. Established in 1977, Progreso Latino was formed to meet the needs of the a growing number of Latinos coming to Rhode Island to work in the textile mills found throughout the Blackstone Valley area of Rhode Island. Today, Progreso Latino serves a diverse Latino population as well as immigrants and refugees of other European, African, and Asian nationalities. Progreso Latino works to improve the Latino and immigrant community's well-being by responding to their problems with creative solutions. We believe it is critical to encourage and support these individuals, while helping them to become self-sufficient and productive citizens.

How the BlueAngel grant will help

With the support of Blue Cross, Progreso Latino will provide the Improve Your Health (Mejora tu Salud) program to low-income and immigrant families in the Blackstone Valley Region. The program's goals are to improve long-term health outcomes for low-income and immigrant families and to eliminate the health disparities between Latinos and the general population. To this end, the program will provide participants with the resources, skills, and support they need to lead healthier lives, including health screenings and services, health education and activities, and individual support.