The Providence Center

The Providence Center

Program being funded: Health Connections




How they serve the community

The Providence Center is a nonprofit community mental health organization founded in 1969, serving 10,000 adults, adolescents, and children affected by psychiatric illnesses, behavioral and social emotional problems, and addictions each year. The center is committed to creating a behavioral healthcare system in which every individual is treated holistically and receives comprehensive services so that their unique needs are met. These services and treatment regimens can include medication, intensive inpatient and outpatient counseling, substance abuse and recovery counseling, primary care wellness visits, transitional and community supports, and vocational training.


How the BlueAngel grant will help

Health Connection is a means of bringing together the multiple programs at The Providence Center and Providence Community Health Center to meet the needs of Rhode Islanders who face health disparities as a result of serious behavioral health diagnosis. Health Connection provides the least restrictive, most cost-effective care possible for the people who are served. At the heart of Health Connection are two integrated care coordinators who work with the medical team in Providence Community Health Center's satellite medical clinic, which is located on site at The Providence Center.