Mark Waggoner

Photo of Mark Waggoner

Senior Vice President, Care Integration & Management

“We’re collaborating with healthcare providers throughout Rhode Island to influence the creation of patient-centered, physician-led systems of care.”

An advocate of patient-centered systems of care

Mark is responsible for Blue Cross’s strategies to influence the creation of patient-centered, physician-led systems of care in Rhode Island. These systems feature physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers that closely coordinate the needs of the patient and operate with newly aligned incentives for improved quality and efficiency. Mark and his team are actively collaborating with providers who share this commitment to shaping systems of care that can improve quality, outcomes, and patient experience while also achieving more predictable and sustainable healthcare costs for our customers. His responsibilities extend to care and disease management capabilities, provider reimbursement policies, and operations as well as pharmacy and behavioral health. For 18 years, Mark has served in a variety of leadership capacities across the provider delivery and health insurance sectors. Before joining Blue Cross, Mark led the New England delivery system for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

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