Visael (Bobby) Rodriguez

Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion

A professional who understands people

A dynamic and passionate leader, Bobby is responsible for ensuring that Blue Cross has a workforce that is diverse, capable, and committed to leading the way in providing quality and affordable healthcare for all Rhode Islanders. He oversees all major functions relative to attracting, developing, and retaining this high-performing workforce. This includes talent management and acquisition, employee compensation and benefits, human resources information systems, employee relations, organizational development, and diversity & inclusion. Bobby’s background includes leading corporate diversity and inclusion strategies, multicultural sales and marketing, and developing people strategies in a variety of settings.

Supporting multicultural healthcare

Bobby currently serves on the Board of Directors at the International MultiCultural Institute (iMCI), Diversity & Inclusion Professionals (DAIP), and Clinica Esperanza and is a Year Up Advisory Board member. Bobby lives in Kingston, RI with his wife and two children.

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(401) 459-2500


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