Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Blue Insights Data and Analytics Platform

We believe in the power of data and the insights it provides, so we make Blue Insights available to our partners and customers. Providers gain access to BCBSRI patient data, which they use to make strategic and measurable interventions. Employers use the insights to help them make better informed decisions, like choosing health plans that best serve their employees.

Blue Insights Employer Reporting

Unprecedented access to health benefit data

Large group employers (clients with over 100 covered employees) can use our customizable, self-service employer reporting tool to track performance metrics, filter enrollment and claims data, and understand their financial cost.

Our largest customers use it to:

  • Identify high-cost trends and opportunities to improve employee health
  • Make proactive, data-driven decisions in a more timely fashion
  • Create high-impact reports, charts, and interactive analyses
  • Spot trends and drill down to pinpoint root causes

Helping employers make cost-control decisions

Employers gain access to more than 40 standard reports, as well as the ability to create and modify reports. It provides the flexibility to convert data into a wide variety of charts to help large group employers confidently make cost-control decisions. The tool is fully customizable—from scheduling monthly reports to creating a home dashboard that monitors critical data. It is available 24/7 and delivers the data that employers need as soon as it’s available.

Reporting includes:

  • Enrollment trend
  • Financial overview
  • Inpatient and outpatient analysis
  • Emergency room analysis
  • Professional analysis
  • Pharmacy summary
  • Enrollment detail
  • Total cost of care
  • Network analysis
  • High cost claimants

Large group employers

Contact your broker or BCBSRI rep to learn more about Blue Insights Employer Reporting.