Integrated services deliver effective solutions

At BCBSRI we work with Rhode Island businesses to deliver the next generation of healthcare innovation. Through continued collaborations, we have designed effective, integrated solutions, weaving together medical benefits with pharmacy, wellness, claims data, and care management to help your employees improve their overall health and well-being.

Pharmacy integration shows benefits

The integration of pharmacy and medical benefits delivers a comprehensive and holistic understanding of your employees’ overall health. We combine data gathered from a wide variety of sources across the medical and pharmacy areas to provide you with real-world insights that result in higher quality care, delivered in a cost-effective manner, with the added bonus of providing an ease of administration.

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Data informs strategy

Blue Insights employer reporting provides our customers with unprecedented access to health benefit data. Larger employers and brokers can use our customizable, self-service reporting tool to track performance metrics, filter enrollment and claims data, and understand their financial costs.

  • Spot trends and drill down to pinpoint root causes
  • Make proactive, data-driven decisions in a more timely fashion
  • Use high-impact reports, charts, and interactive analyses

These insights also help us deliver care management for members that closes gaps in care, which can improve health outcomes and reduce claims costs

Health & wellness improves workplace

BCBSRI’s industry-leading wellness platform and mobile app, powered by Virgin Pulse®, an innovative local company, provides our members with a fully integrated health and wellness solution. With on-demand analytics, the platform is designed to give administrators the tools to track performance, report out results, and directly manage communication. Participation in our program is designed to:

  • Improving workplace culture
  • Increasing productivity
  • Boosting overall employee wellness
  • Lowering medical costs and improving employee engagement
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