Healthcare Reform Timeline



Looking for even more information on healthcare reform? These websites include tools and information that can help.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Ask Blue
With this interactive Web tool, you provide information and learn how healthcare reform will specifically impact you and/or your business. You can also use this tool in Spanish.

Healthcare Reform
You’ll find a timeline, FAQs for individuals and employers, and information on how Blues plans are working to provide you with the best, most affordable care possible.

Local government

HealthSource RI
Individuals, families, and small employers can compare and buy plans on Healthsource RI and may also qualify for tax credits.

National government
Learn the ins and outs of healthcare reform on this comprehensive site. It’s easy to understand and also includes information in multiple languages.

Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions
If you have tax questions related to healthcare reform, you can find guidance from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on this site.

U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) on Healthcare Reform
Learn more about how healthcare reform impacts your employer-sponsored coverage.

The White House on Healthcare Reform
Read more about how healthcare reform will affect women and families, people with Medicare, young adults, employers, and providers.

Nonprofit resources

Kaiser Family Foundation on Health Reform
Stay up to date with healthcare reform news on this site. You’ll also find an individual subsidy calculator, webcasts, quizzes, and polls.