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    You may qualify for help under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) even though you aren’t eligible for other subsidies, based on your responses. Call (401) 459-5550 and we’ll see if you can save money by enrolling through HealthSource RI, the state insurance exchange, today.

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    Answer a few questions and we'll make a few recommendations. Your answers won’t change the costs of the plans we show you.

    1. Priorities

      I would be willing to choose from a smaller selection of doctors and hospitals if it lowered my total healthcare costs

      This helps us determine your preference for a plan with the flexibility to choose from a wider selection of doctors and hospitals or a plan with reduced costs and a smaller selection of doctors who will coordinate your care.

    2. Out of State Doctor

      I need to see doctors outside of Rhode Island in non-emergency situations

      Some plans do not offer coverage outside of Rhode Island except in emergencies. If you’re already seeing providers outside of the state or if you regularly travel, you may prefer to have a plan that provides coverage for these services.

    3. Prescriptions

      I (or someone in my family) am currently taking more than three prescription medicines

      This helps us determine what level of prescription coverage you might need. Our plans offer various levels of copays and deductibles.

      Out of State Doctor
    4. Chronic Conditions

      I (or someone in my family) have an ongoing medical condition that I am currently managing

      Managing ongoing, chronic conditions, for example diabetes, COPD, or some cancers, takes a great deal of effort on your part. You want a health plan designed to cover these conditions. So you worry less about what costs are covered, and you can focus more on your health.

    5. Lower medical costs

      I would be willing to pay more each month if it meant I paid less on average over the course of a year when I receive medical care

      This helps us decide whether you would be comfortable with a plan that charges more each month in premiums in exchange for generally lower out-of-pocket costs when you receive services.

      Chronic Conditions
    6. Lower premiums

      I am willing to pay more of my medical bills out of my own pocket when I receive care if it means I could pay lower monthly premiums

      This helps us determine whether you would be comfortable accepting more risk in exchange for lower premiums.

      Lower medical costs