Learn About the Tax Benefits of an HSA

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A Health Savings Account (HSA)—available with our BlueSolutions for HSA Direct plans—is a tax-advantaged financial account that can help you manage your healthcare costs. With an HSA, you can:



  • Save money for qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses in an interest-bearing account.
  • Let your HSA funds roll over from one year to the next, so you can use your money today, tomorrow, and even in retirement. You never lose it.
  • Pay medical bills simply and easily with your HSA debit card.
  • Conveniently manage HSA through BCBSRI.com.
  • Benefit from tax savings, since money you put in your HSA reduces your annual taxable income. Use our calculator to estimate your tax savings.

Please note: You do not have to open an HSA if you enroll in one of our Bluesolutions for HSA Direct plans. It is an option that is available to you, but the choice is entirely yours.