What is a Part D initial determination (decision)?

An initial determination is a decision made by the plan about a specific problem you have.

You need to request that an initial determination (decision) be made by the BlueCHiP for  Medicare plan if you are having problems getting:
• The Part D prescription drugs you need
• Payment for a Part D drug you have already received

There are different types of determinations based on the type of service involved. If it is related to a Part D prescription drug problem, it is called a coverage determination.

These are some examples of issues you may have relative to your Part D prescription drug benefits that would require a coverage determination:
• You ask the Plan to pay for a prescription drug you have already received.
• You ask BlueCHiP for Medicare to pay you back for the cost of a drug you bought at an out-of-network pharmacy.
• You ask for a Part D drug that is not on the formulary. This is a request for a "formulary exception."

If you have an issue of this type, you, your doctor, or another provider may ask for an initial decision (in this case a coverage determination) on your behalf, or you can name
(appoint) someone to do it for you.

Last updated: 01/01/2018

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