Finding a Doctor Just Got Easier

Finding a Doctor Just Got Easier

Looking for a great pediatrician close to your house? Or a physical therapist right by your work? Let other BCBSRI members help you make an informed decision.

You can read reviews of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers by logging in to your member account. Then use the Find a Doctor tool to search for a specific doctor. If you don’t already have a member account, creating one is easy.

In the Find a Doctor tool, you’ll also find other helpful information, including:

  • Ratings for primary care physicians. Doctors are rated on a three-bar scale on certain quality measures. Only some doctors will have ratings, as the measures don’t apply to all doctors.
  • Doctors recognized for quality. To help you identify physicians who demonstrate a commitment to delivering quality and patient-centered care, we’ve introduced the Blue Physician Recognition Program.

Share your opinion!

You can help other BCBSRI members find the right doctor by sharing your own experiences.

If you’re happy with your doctor’s bedside manner or unhappy about the wait time, include it all in an anonymous review. Simply log in to your member account and go to the Claims Center. Then click on the Provider Review pencil icon next to the visit you want to rate. Please note that claims may take 30 days or more to be posted.