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Ideal if you’re looking for: A choice of unique benefit designs that match employees’ individual needs without adding any additional administrative hassles

This 3-in-1 health plan puts your employees in the driver’s seat. They get to choose the plan that best fits their lifestyle and healthcare needs, and you have only one plan to manage. LifeStyleBlue also offers incentives and rewards to help members be healthy and active.

Plan Features

  • Easy administration for employers
  • Tailored medical benefits that make sense for your employees’ lifestyles and health status
  • A financial incentive for your employees when they meet three simple wellness steps
  • A Lifestyle Reward when your employees participate in certain healthy activities (See below)

Healthy Rewards

LifeStyleBlue encourages your employees to be healthy and stay active. They can earn a Lifestyle Reward of a $200 reimbursement ($400 for a family plan) for participating in qualifying healthy activities, such as: 

  • Gym and fitness center memberships
  • Fitness and exercise classes (e.g., yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, etc.)
  • Registration fees for races or competitions (e.g., running or biking)
  • Membership fees for weight loss programs (e.g., Weight Watchers®)
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • And many more!

View the complete list of activities (and exclusions), as well as instructions for getting the Lifestyle Reward.

LifeStyleBlue Checklist


Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs): 
Please note that the following are sample SBCs only and are not specific to any group. If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative.

SBCs for plans that renew in 2014

LifeStyleBlue 1: 
LifeStyleBlue1 Family Matters 80/60, 1250/2500, $3/12/35/60/100 Rx
LifeStyleBlue1 House to Yourself 80/60, 1250/2500, $3/12/35/60/100 Rx
LifeStyleBlue1 On Your Own 80/60, 1500/3000, $1/$5/20%/20%/20% Rx

LifeStyleBlue 2: 
LifeStyleBlue2 Family Matters 100/80, 2000/4000, $3/12/50/75/200 Rx
LifeStyleBlue2 House to Yourself 100/80, 2000/4000, $3/12/50/75/200 Rx
LifeStyleBlue2 On Your Own 100/80, 1750/3500, $3/$8/25%/35%/50% Rx

*The description provided above is only a summary of benefits provided by the plan. Other exceptions, reductions and limitations may also apply to your benefits. For complete benefit details please see the subscriber agreement for the plan.

Disclaimer: This plan is only available to groups who included LifeStyleBlue as a product offering prior to January 1, 2015.