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  • I want to add medical or dental coverage to my existing plan.
  • I need to add or remove dependents from my current plan.
  • I enrolled through HealthSource RI.
  • I am a dependent on someone else's plan, but now I need my own.

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Updates to your mail order experience

PrimeMail® has recently combined with Walgreens Mail Service, so starting September 30, 2017, BCBSRI members will see some changes to their prescription mail order experience.

    • Existing refillable mail order prescriptions will automatically transfer over. Expired orders and orders for controlled substances will not transfer.
    • If you manage your mail order prescriptions online, you should continue to log into your account and click on “Go to My Pharmacy Benefits Manager” to manage your account or request a refill (if one is available). The first time you visit the mail order page, you will be prompted to create a new user name and password. While you can go to, your pharmacy history and insurance information is accessible only through
    • To protect your information, PrimeMail will not share your credit card or financial information with Walgreens Mail Service. Therefore, you will need to provide payment information when filling your first prescription online or by phone.
    • “Walgreens Mail Service” will appear on your pill bottles, invoices, and pharmacy communications.
    • Your prescription number will change.
    • If you do not have refills or your prescription has expired, ask your doctor to send a new prescription electronically to Walgreens Mail Service in Tempe, AZ or to fax it to 1-800-332-9581.

    • Savings: AllianceRx Walgreens Prime delivers up to a 90-day supply of long-term medicines. This may reduce what you pay out-of-pocket and includes free standard shipping.
    • Convenience: Prescriptions are delivered to the address of your choice, within the U.S.
    • Service: When AllianceRx Walgreens Prime receives your new prescription or refill request, you will receive notification by email or phone — your choice — both when your prescription is received and when your order is sent. Member service agents are available 24/7. Licensed, U.S.-based pharmacists are available seven days a week.

    • Starting September 30, 2017, you can use any of the following methods to sign up for mail order:
      • Doctor (for faster service)
        Ask your doctor to send your prescriptions electronically to Walgreens Mail Service in Tempe, AZ or fax it to 1-800-332-9581.
      • Online
        Sign into your account at and click on “Go to My Pharmacy Benefits Manager.” Then click on “Fill with AllianceRx Walgreens Prime.” You will then be redirected to Walgreens. From here, you will need to set up a user name and password so you can view your current prescriptions (pharmacy and mail order) and select which ones to switch. You can also order refills online, track prescription history, and find prescription drug information.
      • Phone
        To refill or transfer a current prescription, Medicare members can call 1-855-457-1205, 24/7; all other members can call 1-855-457-1204. Please have your member ID card, credit card, prescription, and doctor’s contact information ready.
      • Mail
        Mail the prescription with a completed order form, including credit card information, to AllianceRx Walgreens Prime at the address on the top of the order form. Refill requests may also be mailed with a completed order form. Order forms can be found by logging in at and clicking on “Go to My Pharmacy Benefits Manager.” You will be redirected to Prime where you will click on Forms, and then AllianceRx Walgreens Prime Order Form.

Important notes:

  • Ask your doctor for a 90-day supply for each of your long-term medicines and see whether s/he would prescribe your drug by its generic name. If you need to start your drug right away, request a prescription for a 14-day supply to fill at your local retail pharmacy.
  • If you set up mail order by AllianceRx Walgreens Prime by phone, online, or mail, they will contact your prescriber on your behalf to obtain your prescription and set up mail order. If your prescriber doesn’t respond within five days, or declines, a representative will call you.
  • Most shipments will arrive about one week after you send in the order. You may track your order’s status by visiting the website described in the “Online” section above. Sometimes AllianceRx Walgreens Prime needs more information from your doctor before they can fill your order. If your order may be delayed, they will call or email to give you a new delivery date.
  • As always, prescription medicines will be confirmed for accuracy and quality by registered pharmacists, and delivered to your door in plain-labeled packaging.
  • Estimated shipping costs:
    • Regular: No charge
    • Second business day: $12.95*
    • Next business day: $19.95*
  • AllianceRx Walgreens Prime is available 24/7 to answer any additional mail order questions. Medicare members can call 1-855-457-1205, all other members can call 1-855-457-1204.

*Please note: The shipping costs shown are estimates and are subject to change depending on weight and zone.

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