Out-of-area care and benefit coverage

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Most Blue Cross plans offer specific levels of healthcare benefits wherever you live or travel, across the country and worldwide. Blue Cross participates in the BlueCard Program, which enables you to access the BlueCard national network if you need care when away from home. You can contact Customer Service to verify your benefits and for additional assistance or you can call 1-800-810-Blue (2583). BlueCard provides the name and location of participating BlueCard PPO doctors and hospitals. You can also locate a doctor anytime by visiting:

You will pay the same copayment or deductible that is required when you receive care at home. The doctor will then file the claim for you.

For information about out-of-network coverage and restrictions, please see your Member Handbook or refer to your plan benefits by logging in to your Member Home page, checking your subscriber agreement/benefit booklet, or contacting Customer Service.

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