Extra help to get healthy and stay well

Get ready to jump start your health – it’s your time to thrive!

Your portal is engaging and easy to use, and lets you:

  • Set your goals and interests
  • Register and connect your activity tracking device (for example, a Fitbit®) or app, to help you get points and rewards faster
  • Track your activities, like moving more and drinking more water
  • Check in by taking measurements like weight and blood pressure
  • Join fun challenges with others
  • Get quarterly rewards for all of your healthy activities (See below to learn how to get your rewards.)
Check it out and get moving today!

Access your wellness portal in three simple steps:

  1. Log in to your member page.
  2. Click on “Wellness Portal with Health Assessment” under “Health and Wellness”.
  3. Click “Get Started” to go to the site.

Healthy Incentives and Discounts from CVS Pharmacy®

To reward you for taking healthy steps, we’ve teamed up with CVS Pharmacy to offer you these incentives:

  • Earn up to $250 in a CVS Pharmacy gift card for seeing your doctor for your annual wellness visit, completing an online health assessment, and completing other healthy activities.
  • Show your CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare® card to get a 20% discount* on thousands of CVS Pharmacy brand health-related items, like vitamins, pain relievers, allergy and cold medicines, and many more.
For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions.
*The 20 percent discount is restricted to items purchased for the health care of cardholder, spouse or dependents and applies to regularly priced CVS Pharmacy brand health related items valued at $1 or more. Excludes prescriptions, alcohol, lottery, postage stamps, gift cards, money orders, pre-paid cards and photo finishing, and is not valid on other items reimbursed by a governmental program. Your privacy is important to us. Our employees are trained regarding the appropriate way to handle your private health information.

Get a team of professionals – choose Advance Primary Care

When you choose a primary care doctor, look for a BCBSRI Advance Primary CareSM practice. You’ll find a team of healthcare professionals focused on you. They’ll coordinate all of your care, from specialist visits to lab tests to hospital care. As a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island member, you can take advantage of:

  • Nurse care managers: If you need help with an ongoing health issue like diabetes or achieving a wellness goal such as losing weight, you can work with a nurse care manager at no cost.
  • Pharmacists: Some Advance Primary Care practices have a pharmacist on site who will help you review and understand your medications. The pharmacist can also offer suggestions for lowering your medication costs. There’s no extra cost.
  • Extended hours: Some primary care doctors now are open for “sick” visits on nights and weekends.
  • Free classes: Advance Primary Care practices may offer classes and education on diabetes and other health issues.
  • Appointment reminders: Your team will contact you so you can complete labs and screenings before your visit to the doctor. They’ll also follow up to make sure you understand the results.

View this infographic to learn more.

Find extra help for common conditions

If you have an ongoing health problem such as asthma, diabetes, or congestive heart failure, we offer programs to help you manage your condition and improve your health. All programs are voluntary and available at no cost.

Care Coordination/Case Management

Care Coordination provides members with access to dedicated Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island health care professionals- nurses, dietitians, behavioral health, and community resources specialists who help members work on their health goals. We start by listening to you, learning your priorities, and collaborating with both you and your providers. We help you follow your treatment plans and ultimately, improve your health. We work mostly over the phone, but can arrange to meet at community events or at our retail stores located throughout Rhode Island. Care Coordination support can cover many topics including but not limited to how to make the most of your doctor’s visits, navigate through the health care system, manage medications or address side effects, better understand new or pre-existing medical conditions, address symptoms of anxiety, depression or substance use, complete preventative screenings, or tackle weight loss.

Care Coordination is a personalized service that is part of your existing benefit and is available at no additional cost to you. Let Care Coordination be the next step in reaching your health goals. For more information, please call (401) 459- CARE (2273). You can also email us at Triage_Group@bcbsri.org.

Programs to Help You Manage Specific Health Issues

By offering important information and resources, these programs help you improve or maintain your health and avoid complications. You may be eligible based on your doctor’s referral, a diagnosis, or a healthcare claim. Health issues covered include:

  • Asthma
    • Age-specific information and tools for adults and children
    • Participation in children’s community asthma programs at Hasbro Children’s Hospital
    • Support over the phone from a BCBSRI nurse or health professional
  • Coronary Artery Disease
    • Educational information
    • Reminders if you’re not taking your cholesterol-lowering medication
    • Support over the phone from a BCBSRI nurse or health professional
  • Diabetes
    • Reminders about important exams and tests
    • Information about diabetes self-care, quitting smoking, and discounts on fitness center memberships
    • Support over the phone from a BCBSRI nurse or health professional
  • Congestive Heart Failure
    • Information about eating healthy foods, taking your medications, and monitoring your weight and symptoms
    • Support over the phone from a BCBSRI nurse or health professional
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    • Information about caring for your condition
    • Support over the phone from a BCBSRI nurse or health professional
  • Depression
    • Provider referrals
    • Information about depression, including an online Depression Screening Tool in our Health Center (Log in to use the tool–see below.)
    • Help with managing your medication
    • Support over the phone from a BCBSRI nurse or health professional

Learn more: For more information about these programs, call (401) 459-5683 or 1-888-725-8500 and leave a message. Please note that it is your choice to join these programs. You may leave a program at any time by calling us at the number above.

Receive one-on-one support when you need it

When you’re facing a serious illness, the healthcare system can be a confusing place. You want to understand your treatment plan and all the health resources available to you. You need to know where to find the best care. You want to know what to do now and what to do later. And most important, you want peace of mind in knowing that every decision you make is the right one for you. Let us be your guide.

Our team of nurses and social workers work hand-in-hand with members who face a serious condition such as:

  • Cancer
  • Transplants
  • Stroke
  • Brain surgery
  • Multiple traumas or a catastrophic condition requiring close monitoring
  • A newborn’s or child’s complex medical condition

Our team can help you manage your medical condition and put you in contact with resources and tools to assist you. We help you improve your health one step at a time. You and your care coordinator will assess your individual needs, and then work together with your doctor to develop a care plan just for you. Learn more about the program in our Care Coordination Brochure.

Learn more: If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious condition, you may get a call from us to see if you’d like to join the program. Or you can speak with one of our nurses at (401) 459-2273 or 1-800-637-3718, ext. 2273. You can also email us at Triage_Group@bcbsri.org.

This information is a summary of benefits provided by the plan. It is not a contract. Other exceptions, reductions and limitations may also apply to your benefits. For details about coverage, please see the subscriber agreement for the plan or contact customer service.