Advance Primary Care

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Advance Primary Care

By choosing a Blue Cross Advance Primary Care practice, you’ll have a team of healthcare professionals focused on you. They’ll coordinate all of your care, from specialist visits to lab tests to hospital care. As a Blue Cross member, you can take advantage of:

  • Free visits with a nurse care manager
    If you need help managing an ongoing health issue like diabetes or achieving a wellness goal such as losing weight, you can work with a nurse care manager at no cost!
  • Free visits with a pharmacist
    Some Advance Primary Care practices offer a pharmacist on site who will help you review and understand your medications. The pharmacist can also offer suggestions for lowering your medication costs.
  • Extended hours
    Some primary care doctors are now offering “sick” visits on nights and weekends.
  • Free classes
    Advance Primary Care practices may offer classes and education on diabetes and other health issues.
  • Reminders about tests and screenings
    Your team will reach out to you before your appointment so you can complete labs and screenings before your visit. They’ll also follow up to make sure you had the test and that you understand the results.