Little Steps®

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Planning a pregnancy?

Women who are healthy before pregnancy significantly increase their chances of having a healthy baby later on. Your Care Coordinator can help you achieve the best health possible to prepare your body for the important task ahead.

To get started, please take our free Pregnancy Planning Health Assessment.

Already pregnant?
We team you up with a Care Coordinator—a nurse or other healthcare professional—to guide you through each stage of pregnancy. Little Steps Maternity offers:

  • Confidential, individualized telephone consultations
  • Tools and information about the importance of regular doctor visits, nutrition and exercise, preterm labor symptoms, and healthy choices during pregnancy
  • Customized material specific to your needs
  • A book and other helpful information

To get started, please take our free Maternity Health Assessment.

For more information about Little Steps, please call us at (401) 459-2273 or 1-800-637-3718, extension 2273.