How We’re Confronting the Cost of Healthcare Every Day

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It’s no secret that the rising cost of healthcare is a major challenge for large business owners in Rhode Island. That's why Blue Cross is making big changes to the way we do business. We’re cutting expenses and finding ways to save—all while maintaining the high-quality healthcare coverage that you and your employees expect.

We’re addressing affordability by:

  • Moving toward compensation based on quality of care, improved health outcomes, and lower the overall claims costs—instead of fee-for-service payments based on quantity of care.
  • Leading the way in establishing patient-centered medical homes where our members with the most serious health concerns receive coordinated care that results in quality health outcomes and lower claims costs.
  • Encouraging the use of high-quality, lower cost generic and brand name drugs and over-the-counter alternatives, when appropriate.
  • Working to cap increases in hospital reimbursements to match increases in the Consumer Price Index; and adjusting our fee schedule for physicians to reflect the one established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
  • Continuing to improve our operational efficiency, including claims submissions, printing,postage, call center productivity, and more.