What are the exceptions to BlueCard claims submissions?

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Submit claims directly to the member's Blue Plan instead of BCBSRI in the following situations:

  • You contract with the member's Blue Plan.
  • The member's ID card does not include an alpha prefix.
  • The benefits are excluded from the BlueCard Program (e.g., dental and prescription medications).
  • The member belongs to the Federal Employee Program (FEP) - please follow your FEP guidelines. When in doubt, please submit the claim to us electronically or send the paper claim to us at:

    Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
    500 Exchange Street
    Providence, RI 02903

    Please note: Occasionally you may be asked to submit BlueCard claims directly to the member's Blue Plan. For instance, there may be a temporary processing issue at BCBSRI or the member's Blue Plan or both that prevents completion of claims through the BlueCard Program.


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