What are the various types of alpha prefixes?

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There are two types of alpha prefixes: plan-specific and account-specific. Plan-specific alpha prefixes are assigned to every Blue Plan and start with X, Y, Z, or Q. The first two positions indicate the Blue Plan to which the member belongs. The third position identifies the product in which the member is enrolled.

  • First character X, Y, Z or Q
  • Second character A-Z
  • Third character A-Z

Account-specific prefixes are assigned to centrally processed national accounts. National accounts are employer groups that have offices or branches in more than one area, but offer uniform benefits coverage to all of their employees. Account-specific alpha prefixes:

  • Start with letters other than X, Y, Z, or Q.
  • Typically relate to the name of the group.
  • Use all three positions to identify the national account.


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