What is the process for obtaining the “production green light” for submitting ANSI X-12 transactions?

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Blue Cross has developed a Partner Testing approach to ensure Trading Partner transactions are ANSWER HIPAA compliant and meet Blue Cross business rules. The extensive testing required during the  Partner Testing phase should result in a smooth transition to production. In general, the major components are:

  • Complete the Trading Partner Agreement and Trading Partner Registration form.
  • Successfully test files using the Foresight Online Validator tool.
  • Successfully test files through the Blue Cross end-to-end test environment (Phase 2).

For additional information on HIPAA Partner Testing contact the Blue Cross Service Desk at (401) 751-1673 or 1-855-721-4211or hipaa.edi.support@bcbsri.org. An EDI analyst will work with you during each phase of partner testing.




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