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The more you know about health and wellness, the easier it is to live a healthy life. To help, Choices is pleased to provide you with information and insights you can use to eat healthier, stay in shape, ease stress, and more.

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Dr. Jane Dennison

Pediatrician Jane Dennison provides tips on stocking your medicine cabinet and more in this expanded Q&A.

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Myth or Fact?

You should starve a fever.Myth or Fact?
Myth! Starving yourself is never a good idea. When you're sick, the best approach is to stay hydrated, eat nutritious foods in moderation, and rest. And, if you have a fever, you need extra fluids.

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When Sheep Don't Sleep

If you have persistent sleeping problems, be sure to see a doctor. Lack of sleep can complicate existing medical conditions, lead to difficulty concentrating, and increase your risk for car accidents.

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