No-cost help with your loved one's care

Have you ever felt like your loved one needed a nurse dedicated to their care? Luckily, they can have one through their BCBSRI plan.

With Care Coordination, a BCBSRI healthcare professional—a nurse, social worker, health advocate, or dietitian—will work with you, your loved one, and their doctor to help your loved one follow a treatment plan and improve their health. This can help if your loved one has:

  • A serious illness such as lung disease, heart disease, or stroke  
  • A serious injury  
  • An ongoing health problem that is not under control, such as asthma or diabetes  
  • Difficulty in getting the care they need because of cost, transportation, cultural, or other social issues

Your loved one pays nothing extra to participate in Care Coordination—it’s part of their health plan. To speak with one of our nurses about this voluntary program, call (401) 459-2273 or 1-800-637-3718, ext. 2273 (TTY/TDD: 711) or email We’re here Monday through Friday, from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How Care Coordination works

Over 95% of the people who actively participate in Care Coordination say that they are very satisfied with the nurse who worked with them.

We encourage caregiver involvement in the Care Coordination process (as long as your loved one has given permission), so you are welcome to take part in some or all of the steps described below.

  • Talking with a nurse and asking questions. We start by listening to your loved one and their doctor. Your Care Coordinator may talk with your loved one over the telephone, at their doctor’s office, or at their bedside in the hospital. No matter where the talk takes place, we explain the program and discuss their healthcare concerns and questions. The Care Coordinator may work with dietitians, social workers, and other BCBSRI healthcare professionals to support your loved one’s health.  
  • Working with the nurse to improve your loved one’s health. We work with your loved one and their doctor to help your loved one set and achieve health goals. This may include having preventive screenings, learning more about medications, or arranging necessary follow-up appointments.  
  • Receiving coaching, support, and health information. We explain health issues, the doctor’s plan of care, and how to make the most of doctor’s visits. In addition, we help your loved one understand their benefits, including suggestions on how they might be able to save money.  
  • Connecting with other resources that can help. Depending on their situation, we can help connect your loved one with community agencies and support groups of people with similar health concerns and challenges. We can also provide additional resources and written material to help your loved one better understand their condition and treatment options.  
  • Tracking progress. We talk about how your loved one is feeling and any new concerns as well as help them stay motivated to reach their goals.  

10 ways Care Coordination has helped others

To get an idea of how Care Coordination can help, here’s a quick look at how other BCBSRI members have benefited:

  1. Saved money on prescriptions and medical supplies.
  2. Learned how to take medications correctly.
  3. Reduced side effects from medication.
  4. Received a timely referral to a behavioral health program.
  5. Stayed out of the hospital.
  6. Made a safe transition from the hospital to home.
  7. Received assistance in getting an appointment with a doctor.
  8. Learned what symptoms to report to the doctor.
  9. Started an exercise plan and received discounts on fitness memberships.
  10. Created and followed a healthy eating plan.

Only your loved one and their doctor can choose the best treatments for their unique medical needs. As you and your loved one consider options, we’re here with encouragement and support to help your loved one make informed choices about their health.

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