BCBSRI coverage for abortion services

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the federal right to abortion is no longer guaranteed, and each state may make its own laws on the issue. These laws may vary significantly across the United States. In Rhode Island and other New England states, abortions continue to be legal under state law. However, prohibitions are likely to be passed in a number of other states.

These FAQs can help you understand how your BCBSRI health plan covers abortion and other reproductive health services.

Member FAQs

BCBSRI plans cover surgical and medical abortions (which use medication to end a pregnancy), whether those services are received at a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility; at a provider’s office; or through telemedicine. You do not need prior authorization (preapproval) or a referral to receive these services.

However, under some BCBSRI plans, abortions are only covered in the case of rape or incest or if a person’s life is in danger unless an abortion is performed. If you have questions about your specific plan details, please check with Customer Service or your employer.

No, BCBSRI Doctors Online—which offers video visits with doctors—does not offer medical abortion or miscarriage services. However, they do provide other reproductive services, including family planning and contraceptive counseling.

BCBSRI is exploring how its plans can provide travel expenses if access to abortion is limited or not available in your state. We will provide more information as we develop these options in coordination with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), the national association of all Blue plans, which is committed to ensuring the needs of our communities and our customers are met. For questions about your specific plan, please check with Customer Service or your employer.

If the legal situation changes and affects your BCBSRI health plan benefits, we will update this page with that information.