Meeting Street staff and students

A $62,000 lesson in wellness from Meeting Street

In 2021, the Meeting Street team earned nearly $62,000 in rewards through Wellness Premium Reward. More importantly, the program provided the tools the team needed to take care of themselves so they could take care of their students.

“Wellness makes the difference”

Since 1946 Meeting Street has been helping children of all ages and abilities reach their full potential. Today, more than 7,500 children and families across greater Rhode Island count on this nonprofit organization for educational, therapeutic, and diagnostic services. It’s a big responsibility, one that demands every staff member be at their best—physically and emotionally—every day.

“Our employees are our greatest asset,” says Meeting Street CEO John Kelly. “They are why we are successful and why we can do what we do. We need to support them so they can bring their best selves every day. Wellness is what makes the difference.”

A long-time client of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI), Meeting Street had been using wellness programs for years. When the Marsh McLennan Agency (the organization’s insurance broker) presented Wellness Premium Reward, Meeting Street immediately understood its added value.

Dollar-for-dollar match on employees’ earnings

With Wellness Premium Reward, users can earn points for healthy actions like staying active or going for an annual well visit. The points correspond to PulseCash rewards, which can be redeemed for gifts cards from VISA and major retailers or donated to a charity. Each participant can earn up to $300 a year in rewards.

Unlike other programs, however, Wellness Premium Reward pays fully insured large group employers a dollar-for-dollar match on their employees’ annual wellness earnings.

For Meeting Street’s 2021 plan year, that meant a check for $30,665.

Add in employee rewards and this team earned nearly $62,000 for their healthy actions—and had fun doing it.

A positive thing during a difficult time

Wellness Premium Reward has been a bright spot throughout the pandemic, according to HR Specialist Lauren Sutley. “Having a reward in sight helps people stay motivated and reminds them to prioritize self-care,” she explains.

Like many of us, Meeting Street employees have families and outside responsibilities as well. With the added challenges of COVID-19, it can be a lot to manage. Wellness Premium Reward offers tools for managing stress, practicing mindfulness, and building resilience—which can go a long way in helping someone manage life’s ups and downs.

You can do it, too

With more than $62,000 in rewards and an amazing 74% average participation rate, Meeting Street has clearly made the most of Wellness Premium Reward. Here are some of their secrets to success:

  • Time your launch well—Meeting Street introduced the program during open enrollment, a time when they knew employees would be receptive to new benefit information.  
  • Get the word out (often)—Send emails, post onsite information (if applicable), and mention the program at every opportunity. Repetition helps.
  • Find your wellness champions—Look for employees who are actively using the program and encourage them to create company-wide challenges. A little friendly coworker competition can go a long way—in fact, that was among the many reasons the Marsh McLennan Agency suggested Wellness Premium Reward. “Because the program enabled Meeting Street to build challenges and engage the employees in friendly competition, we were confident it would benefit the whole population,” says Senior Vice President Steve Moran.
  • Share small victories—As employees began earning gift cards, they’d share the news with coworkers. Soon, people were stopping by Human Resources to ask if they could earn gift cards as well, Lauren recalls. “And I would say, absolutely, and here’s how you do it.”

Ready to put wellness to work for your business? Contact your BCBSRI account executive or broker to learn about the different Wellness Premium Reward programs for large and small groups.

This material is provided as general information only and is not a guarantee of similar outcomes. Individual employer results will vary by wellness participation. BCBSRI reserves the right to modify or terminate the BCBSRI Wellness Premium Reward Program with prior written notice. Premium reward values may be changed by BCBSRI with prior written notice at the beginning of any plan year.