Man at desk with back pain
Joint health

MSK services can improve employee health and reduce costs

Back and joint pain, and other musculoskeletal (MSK) issues, can be a major driver of your overall healthcare costs and can lead to reduced productivity and diminished quality of life for your employees.

BCBSRI offers a range of solutions to help employees overcome MSK pain and reduce the costs and risks associated with surgery and pain medications.

Wellness programs

Our wellness programs encourage healthy habits like daily exercise, which can help support bone, muscle, and joint health.

Preventive care

Benefits like an annual physical, covered at $0 in-network, can help uncover MSK issues early when they can be treated more easily.

Physical therapy

In person

These sessions are available for members experiencing episodic or chronic MSK pain.


BCBSRI offers Joint Academy for Rhode Island-based members and Hinge Health to those members whose employers have elected the service. In addition, some in-network, in-person physical therapists offer virtual appointments as well.

Joint Academy

This online platform is available to BCBSRI members in Rhode Island and connects users with licensed physical therapists who can provide digital treatment programs for acute and chronic joint pain.

Hinge Health1

This digital therapeutic service offers personalized MSK care for individuals experiencing anything from sprains to chronic back and joint pain. Exercises, education, and behavioral plans are based on the member’s needs and real-time feedback. There is no additional charge to members to use Hinge services, which may also include:

  • One-on-one coaching to address related issues like weight management or depression
  • Wearable pain relief device if member meets specific criteria
  • Coordination with the BCBSRI care management team if further treatment is needed

For individuals with minor MSK conditions, Hinge offers targeted educational materials and videos focused on prevention and wellness that are available at any time.

Hinge results2

average MSK claims reduction per participant

return on investment (ROI)

1Available to self-funded groups for additional fees

2Based on 3rd party validated claims analysis of 136 employers, 2022. The estimated savings and return on investment information presented here is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to represent or guarantee that any employer or health plan will achieve the same or similar results.  

Hinge Health is an independent company that has contracted directly with BCBSRI to provide digital musculoskeletal care management for eligible BCBSRI members.