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Behavioral health

Expanded options give your employees more access to care

Your employees continue to need behavioral healthcare. So BCBSRI continues to increase their options for care. Listed here are just some of the expansive services that help members and their families find the care they need, when they need it, for conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma-related disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Substance use disorders

How BCBSRI is helping

These are some of the services we make available to address the behavioral health crisis among Rhode Island employees and their families.

Adult behavioral health

  • 50+ urgent access appointments for adult therapy and psychiatry per month
  • Home and community-based mental health treatment through the HealthPath program
  • In-home substance use disorder treatment through Aware Recovery Care, available in multiple states
  • Peer recovery coaching

Pediatric behavioral health

  • 55+ urgent access appointments for child psychiatry and therapy per month
  • Evidence-based anxiety disorder care through Braver and Bradley Hospital
  • Home and community-based services
  • Greatest 8™ mental wellness texting service for parents of kids 0-8, available in English and Spanish

New for 2024

  • More urgent access appointments for children and adults, including increased language and cultural abilities
  • Additional behavioral health services available virtually or online to members nationwide
  • Expansion of integrated behavioral health in primary care
  • Enhanced pediatric ER transitions of care program with Bradley Hospital
  • Investment in clinician training

Resources for your employees

Individual and family programs

We can connect your employees and their families with resources and treatment options that can help them feel better and live their best lives. See what is available.

A Parent's Guide to Mental Healthcare in RI

This BCBSRI "how-to" guide shows parents what signs to look for, what questions to ask, and what resources are available. Read the guide.

Employer Toolkit

Share these ready-to-use communications with your employees. View the Toolkit.

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