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Retiree Plans

Get the advantage of Employer Medicare Advantage

Offer your retirees—and even active employees—the freedom to choose their doctors and pharmacists, the peace of mind that comes with national coverage, and a name they trust.

Did you know?

Your employees don’t have to be retired to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan. As long as they are 65 or older and meet other criteria, and your company meets certain requirements, they can have a Medicare Advantage plan while they’re still working.1

HealthMate Coast-to-Coast for Medicare Group comes with these advantages

HealthMate has you covered

For you:

  • Significant savings potential vs. commercial plans
  • Direct billing option to ease administrative burden
  • Dedicated Medicare plan advisor and support team

For your employees:

  • Extensive national provider network
  • Broad dental, vision, and hearing aid coverage
  • Healthy extras, including wellness programs, fitness classes, and gym discounts

Help retirees get the most out of retirement

By offering a BCBSRI HealthMate Coast-to-Coast for Medicare Group plan, your organization can provide retired employees with access to a top-tier, community-focused health plan designed to improve health outcomes and enhance their quality of life in retirement.

Take a look at the Employer Medicare Solutions guide to learn how you can help shape what retirement can be for your retirees.

Download the Employer Medicare Solutions guide

Help retirees get the most out of retirement

My HealthMate Coast-to-Coast for Medicare plan is as good or better than my commercial plan. I go where I want, when I want. I don’t even need a referral.

– BCBSRI member since 1987, Tommy Hardiman, Hillview Autobody

Group Medicare Advantage plans come with a whole team

Think of our BCBSRI team as an extension of your HR department, acting as an additional resource that can answer employees' questions about aging into Medicare and how it works. We will:

  • Conduct Medicare pre-renewal meetings and Medicare 101 sessions
  • Attend member fairs and conduct open enrollment presentations
  • Help with onboarding
  • Provide ongoing support directly to retirees and employees with a Group MA plan
Employer Medicare Advantage plans come with a whole team
Richer benefits attract top talent

Richer benefits attract top talent

A Group Medicare Advantage plan from BCBSRI can give you an edge in both the recruitment—and retention—of top talent.

  • Benefits can be viewed as a reward for years of company service
  • Employees and retirees recognize value in plans offered by BCBSRI
  • Employees of all ages value wellness and preventive care programs

We’re here to help—every step of the way

We want to show you how integrated healthcare can be simple—and affordable. And if you’re looking for ways to enhance your benefit package and attract top talent, Group Medicare plans can be an effective way to do so.

To learn more about HealthMate Coast-to-Coast for Medicare or any of our other group Medicare solutions, call or inquire about an upcoming webinar today.

Mark Thomas 
Group Medicare Account Executive 
Call: (401) 459-2409 
Email: mark.thomas@bcbsri.org

We’re here to help

1This applies to employees in companies that have fewer than 20 employees. Other conditions may apply; please contact BCBSRI for more information.