Wellness Premium Reward

Earn up to 8% back

Wellness Premium Reward is unlike any other program offered in Rhode Island.

Wellness Premium Reward
Wellness Premium Reward
Wellness Premium Reward

What Wellness Premium Reward can do for you

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Your employees and your business can earn money for heathy choices—at no additional cost.

Rewarding healthy activity encourages healthier, more engaged, and more productive employees. That can lead to fewer employee sick days, fewer injuries, and greater productivity. All while your business earns money back on your annual medical premium.

Virgin Pulse app

How it works

Wellness Premium Reward is easy to use and already included with your health plan—so you can start right away on earning up to 8% back. Here’s how it works:

Employees earn rewards

Encourage them to start earning up to $200 annually by signing up with the Virgin Pulse® app or website and tracking their activities.

Ready-to-use resources boost activity

Motivate your team—and increase earnings—with ready-to-use resources and tips for success. Find out how

Your business earns money back

Receive an annual check—up to 8% back on your medical premium—based on your employees’ achievements.

How much you and your employees can earn

Receive a percentage of your total annual medical premium based on your eligible employees’ registration and their average point accumulation in Virgin Pulse.

Level 1
Annual Payout
Annual Group Average Points
Level 2
Annual Payout
Annual Group Average Points
Level 3
Annual Payout
Annual Group Average Points
Level 4
Annual Payout
Annual Group Average Points

*For this level only, at least 50% of employees must register for the BCBSRI Wellness Program.

Level 1
Quarterly Payout
Quarterly Points
Level 1
Quarterly Payout
Quarterly Points
Level 1
Quarterly Payout
Quarterly Points
Level 1
Quarterly Payout
Quarterly Points

Up to $200/annually

Programs like Wellness Premium Reward help us offset costs so we can continue to offer this level of coverage.

– Rick Gundy

President and COO, Avtech Software

Your next steps

Make wellness work for your business—and earn up to 8% back on your annual medical premium—with Wellness Premium Reward. Start now.

Start strong
Step 1

Start strong

  • Encourage employees to sign up with Virgin Pulse.
  • Tell them to track activity with their free MaxBuzz.
  • Use resources we compiled for you in the Employer Toolkit.
Keep momentum going
Step 2

Keep momentum going

  • Promote Healthy Challenges for your employees.
  • Encourage a wellness champion who can motivate others.
  • Keep an eye out for new posters and emails on the Employer Toolkit.
Step 3

Track your progress

  • Click on “Reports” in your Employer Portal.
  • Select “Monthly Statements.”
  • Choose “Wellness Premium Rewards.”


Wellness Premium Reward is already part of your plan, so you can see how well your company is doing by logging in.

Or you can call your BCBSRI account rep or your broker.

Virgin Pulse® is an independent wellness company, contracted by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) to provide wellness services.

Wellness Premium Reward Program is subject to terms and conditions as set forth in applicable Sales Agreement between employer and BCBSRI.

BCBSRI will issue a check for the premium reward payment within 90 days of the end of the plan year. The employer is responsible for any taxes imposed on the employer for the premium reward, if applicable. If the employer terminates coverage prior to the end of the plan year, a premium reward will not be paid. BCBSRI reserves the right to modify or terminate the BCBSRI Wellness Reward Program with prior written notice. Premium reward percentage values may be changed by BCBSRI with prior written notice at the beginning of any plan year.

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