Aug 12, 2021

Experience Oak Street Health

We know you get a lot of questions about Oak Street Health (OSH). We’ve gathered these resources so you and your clients understand the level of care they can expect when they choose an Oak Street Health provider. More than just primary care, OSH will help them get the most from their BCBSRI Medicare Advantage plan (and help you build your book of business).

Grow your book of business

Build your relationship with OSH and schedule a tour—they are eager to work with you! Contact OSH’s Regional Partnership Manager, Rachel McGuire at (401) 424-1052.

Beyond primary care

OSH is more than a primary care provider—they answer benefit questions and will guide your clients through the experience. From rides to appointments and making connections in the community room to taking extra time during appointments—Oak Street Health provides a different approach to healthcare.

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Meet one of the providers

Dive deeper into the OSH experience with provider Jennifer Nitanya Barlow. Recorded live, this conversational segment gives you a glimpse of what clients can expect.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

BCBSRI members love Oak Street Health

Carmina and Gerard “JR” Ruzzo are sweethearts who have been married for 62 years, and they do almost everything together—including going to Oak Street Health.

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Additional OSH documents

Customize this Oak Street Health flier with your contact information.

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This survey can help you screen whether OSH is right for your clients.

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This brochure is what your clients will receive as part of their Oak Street Health welcome kit.

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