Your ID Card

When you became a BCBSRI member, one of the first—and most important—items you received from us was your member ID card, your key to getting healthcare coverage. Simply put, your BCBSRI member ID card shows your doctor and other providers that you’re part of the nation’s most trusted health plan. Make sure you carry it with you whenever you need care, and take the same precautions with it that you would with a credit card.

Click on each highlighted section to learn what it means.

Your name

Check to make sure it is spelled correctly.

Member ID number

Your doctor and other providers use this number when filing claims for services they provided to you.

Your PCP

Some plans require that you select a primary care provider with us, but no matter which plan you chose, you should have a PCP. They are the center of your care and will provide referrals for tests and specialists as needed.

Don't see a PCP listed on your card?
  • If you have a doctor you see regularly, call Customer Service at (401) 459-5000 or 1-800-639-2227 (outside RI) and tell us who that is.
  • If you don’t have a regular doctor, or PCP, use find a doctor and let us know the doctor you’ve selected.

Pharmacy coverage information

Pharmacies use this information when you fill a prescription.

Prescription plan (or Prescription drug)

An order from your doctor for you to receive and take a specific medication, which you purchase from a pharmacy.

Individual/family deductible

This is the amount you are required to pay for care before we start covering some of the costs. You may have an individual deductible and a family deductible.

Primary care visit

Your PCP is the main doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant you go to for regular healthcare. It is the first person you should call when you have a health question that is not an emergency.

Specialist visit

This is a doctor who has special training in treating a certain illness or part of the body. For example, a cardiologist treats the heart and an oncologist treats cancer.

Telemedicine (Doctors Online)

This online service through BCBSRI can treat illnesses and injuries like nausea, eye swelling, and sprains.

Retail clinic

These walk-in clinics provide help for minor sicknesses and injuries, such as cough, flu, and earaches.


These are the amounts you will have to pay for the services listed on your card.

Date issued

Please note that this is not the same as the date your coverage begins. If you are uncertain when you're coverage begins, you can call Customer Service at (401) 459-5000 or 1-800-639-2227 (outside RI).

Your plan name

This is the plan you chose when you signed up for a BCBSRI plan.

Type of plan

You might see a suitcase icon. This helps doctors and other providers know what type of coverage you have. The letters “PPO” inside the suitcase means you have a preferred provider organization plan.

Dental coverage

If you have dental coverage through us, you will see this toothbrush symbol on your card.

First Name

Last Name


PCP: First A
Last, MD

PCP Phone: 401-555-1212


Prescription Plan

Individual Deductible

Primary Care Visit

Specialist Visit


Retail Clinic








Issued: 01/01/19

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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive a new member ID card?

New members will generally receive their member ID cards in the mail prior to their new plan year. All family members/dependents on the plan will receive their own ID card.

Will I receive a new member ID card every year?

You will only receive a new member ID card if you switch plans or if your plan’s benefits change significantly (for example, prescription copays, which are printed on your card, change from time to time), or if you add new coverage, such as dental.

When do I need to show my member ID card?

You should be prepared to show your current member ID card when receiving any healthcare services, such as a doctor’s appointment or getting prescriptions at the pharmacy. This is always a good practice and helps to prevent disruption of service and can help protect you from liability.

What should I do if my member ID card is lost or stolen?

You can request a new member ID card online. When you request a new ID card, you can also print a temporary ID card to use until you receive your new card in the mail.

Or you can contact Customer Service at (401) 459-5000 or 1-800-639-2227 (outside RI).

If you think your member ID card has been stolen, you can:

  • Contact the BCBSRI Anti-Fraud Hotline at 1-800-424-8700
  • Email

Your member ID card and fraud: How to protect your medical information

As noted above, your BCBSRI member ID card is intended for your use and only your use. Use of an ID card by anyone other than the member named on the card (or dependents) to receive healthcare services is considered fraud and is punishable by law. Always be especially careful about giving out your card or health insurance information and ask or verify if it is really needed.

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