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Mental health refers to our overall emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health and substance use disorders are medical conditions and are often chronic conditions. Like any chronic condition, such as diabetes and heart disease, there are treatments and services available to help you feel better and live your best life.

BCBSRI and our network of providers can help you manage many mental health and substance use concerns, including:

  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
  • Substance use disorder/addiction
  • Opioid use disorders
  • Medication, anger, and stress management

How do I find the care I need?

BCBSRI covers a comprehensive list of services and benefits to meet the needs of our members with mental health and substance use disorder issues. These resources can help provide—or connect you with—treatment and support.

Your primary care provider

BCBSRI does not require our members to get a referral for outpatient counseling and medication services. However, if you or someone you care for may benefit from psychotherapy or another form of mental health and/or substance use disorder treatment, the best place to start is with a primary care provider (PCP). Discuss symptoms with your PCP and ask for a recommendation.

Case management

Independently licensed mental health and substance use disorder professionals work with you and coordinate care with your team of providers to get you access to the resources and services you need. They also review any medications you are taking and make sure you understand what they are for and how to take them. Call 1-800-274-2958.

BCBSRI Doctors Online

BCBSRI Doctors Online makes it easy to visit a therapist or psychiatrist on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Talk with a healthcare professional from your home, office, or wherever you are. Search “BCBSRI Drs. Online” from the App Store or Google Play* or visit drs-online.com.

  • Therapy – Counselors and psychologists offer help for issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress. You can schedule an appointment anytime online or by calling 1-800-345-1419.
  • Psychiatry – Board-certified psychiatrists offer help for issues such as anxiety and depression and evaluate the potential benefits of medication to treat these types of issues. You can schedule an appointment anytime online or by calling 1-877-410-5548.

How to find a provider

Use our Find a Doctor tool or call BCBSRI Customer Service at 1-800-639-2227 for help.

What types of services and providers are available?

Individual behavioral health providers
  • Psychiatrist – A medical doctor who specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental illness. Psychiatrists can prescribe psychiatric medications.
  • Psychologist – A licensed, mental health professional trained to work with mild or severe psychological issues. Psychologists do not prescribe medications.
  • Counselor – A licensed, mental health professional, such as a social worker, mental health counselor, or marriage and family therapist, who evaluates and treats common life stressors, and mild to moderate mood disorders. Counselors do not prescribe medications.
Intensive outpatient programs
  • Typically three days per week, three to four hours per day, for four to six weeks. Most are structured so people can continue their normal daily routines.
  • Combination of individual and group therapy (family therapy if appropriate) and may include psychiatrist evaluation and medication management.
  • Recommended for people who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems and would benefit from learning how to manage their symptoms and issues in a structured environment.
Partial day hospitalization programs
  • Typically five days a week, five hours a day
  • Combination of individual and group therapy (family therapy if appropriate) and often includes evaluation by a psychiatrist
  • Recommended for people who require more intensive treatment than traditional outpatient care, are experiencing serious emotional and behavioral problems, or are at risk for hospitalization as well as for treatment following inpatient hospitalization
Medication-assisted treatment
  • Offers structured and intensive services—including medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and care management—to allow members to maintain recovery in a less intensive treatment program than a hospital setting
  • For adult members requiring comprehensive services to facilitate recovery from opioid use disorders
Inpatient acute hospital care
  • Round-the-clock care in a hospital setting, typically lasts a couple of days
  • Daily visits by a team of professionals, including a psychiatrist and group therapy (if appropriate)
  • Recommended to stabilize a crisis and/or severe symptoms
Inpatient residential care
  • Typically a short-term placement in a residential setting close to a person’s home until they stabilize and can return to the community
  • Combination of group, individual, and family therapy

Helpful resources

Helping You Find the Right Care

This brochure details the comprehensive options available to BCBSRI members for mental health and substance use disorders.

Are you or someone you know struggling with substance use disorder? Through the Safe Stations program, you can visit fire stations in Rhode Island and get connected to treatment support and recovery. Find locations of participating stations.

This site offers resources and support for families struggling with a loved one’s substance use disorder.

Don’t keep unused prescriptions around the house. Learn how—and where—to get rid of medicines or medical waste.

The taskforce provides support, education, and advocacy for substance use prevention, treatment, response, and recovery.

Find more resources related to opioid use disorders.

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