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Your ID Card

When you became a BCBSRI member, one of the first—and most important—items you received from us was your member ID card, your key to getting healthcare coverage. Simply put, your BCBSRI member ID card shows your doctor and other providers that you’re part of the nation’s most trusted health plan. Make sure you carry it with you whenever you need care, and take the same precautions with it that you would with a credit card.

Click on each highlighted section to learn what it means.

Your plan name

This is the plan you chose when you signed up for a Medicare plan.

Your name

Check to make sure it is spelled correctly.

Member ID number

Your doctor and other providers use this number when filing claims for services they provided to you.

Your PCP

For most plans, you must have a primary care provider listed with us because they are critical to your care. Your PCP is the center of your care and will provide referrals for tests and visits to specialists.

Don’t see a PCP listed on your card?

Pharmacy coverage information

Pharmacies will use this information when you get a prescription filled.

CMS number

This number is used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that oversees Medicare. It refers to your specific plan, such as BlueCHiP for Medicare Plus or BlueCHiP for Medicare Advance.


These are specific dollar amounts you pay when you receive these services. Example: A doctor might charge $100 for a visit. If you have a $20 copay, you would pay the doctor $20 and your insurance would pay the doctor $80.

Date issued

Please note that this is not the same as the date your coverage begins. If you are uncertain when your coverage begins, you can call our Medicare Concierge Team.

Type of plan

You will see HMO, POS, or PPO listed here. That refers to the type of network your plan uses. HMO offers a coordinated network with no out-of-network coverage, except for emergencies. POS offers out-of-network coverage on most benefits. PPO offers a choice of doctors and hospitals nationwide with no referrals required.

Drug coverage

If you have prescription drug coverage through us, you will see this symbol on your card.

Dental coverage

If you have dental coverage through us, you will see this symbol on your card.

BCBSRI Plan Name

First A



PCP: First A
Last, MD

PCP Phone: 401-555-1212

RxBIN 000000
Issuer 00000
CMS H1234 567
PCMH Visit $X
Non-PCMH Visit $XX
Specialist Visit $XX
Emergency Room $XX

Issued: 01/01/23

Plan Type

Drug and Dental coverage

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