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Still working?

Medicare works even if you’re still working

Maybe you love your job. Maybe you want a few more years to save for retirement. Whatever the reason, you and many other people aren’t ready to retire at 65.

You can still choose a Medicare plan even while you’re working. So how do you decide?

First: know your options

  1. Switch entirely to a Medicare plan
  2. Combine your current plan with parts of Medicare coverage (learn the A, B, C, and Ds)
  3. Stay on your employer or union plan

Second: know what is important to you


  • Consider whether you could get more coverage for the things you need, like prescriptions, dental work, or doctor visits.


  • Medicare plans might be more affordable than your current plan. For example, you might work for a small business that can’t afford to contribute much to your employer plan. If you are self-employed and buy insurance on your own, you should give Medicare a look.


  • If you still have children or other people on your current plan, they won’t be covered under your Medicare plan. They would need to get their own health insurance.

That might sound like a lot to think about. We can help you compare the costs of each option to see whether Medicare makes sense for you at this point.

Call our Medicare Sales Team at 1-800-505-BLUE (2583) (TTY: 711).