Choose the right health plan for you

We can help you choose a health plan that’s right for you. You’ll want to focus on a few key factors.


Make sure you consider your total costs, including your monthly premium and how much you could end up paying out of pocket. Consider what works best for your budget—paying a predictable higher premium each month or paying more out-of-pocket when you use medical services.

  • A plan with lower premiums and a higher deductible may be a good choice if your overall health is good, you don’t expect to use many services, and you have enough saved to pay your share of the costs, just in case.


While we are known for our extensive network of doctors, hospitals, and other providers, we also have smaller options. A plan with a national network of doctors and hospitals often costs more than a plan with local or regional choices.

  • If you don’t receive care outside Rhode Island, having a national network is like paying for extra cell phone data that you don’t need.


If you have an ongoing medical condition, like heart disease or diabetes, certain plans could be a better fit for you. These plans often charge higher monthly premiums, but you will likely pay less each time you receive care.

  • You may want a plan that covers more of your medical bills if you expect to use a lot of services.