Understand your pharmacy benefits

Your BCBSRI plan includes coverage for your prescription drugs. Here you’ll find links to important resources you’ll need to get the most out of your coverage.

Is your prescription covered?

Your "formulary" is a list of all the drugs covered by your plan:


Is your pharmacy in the network?

Search pharmacies in the network and even compare costs:

Find a pharmacy

General Documents:

  • Pharmacy Management Procedures and Formulary Development
  • ACA Prevention CoPay Waiver Fax Form
  • ACA Contraceptive CoPay Waiver Fax Form
  • Coverage Exception Fax Form

Prescription savings

MedsYourWay® helps you find the lowest available price of applicable discount cards for your eligible medications—no coupons or other cards needed. And all covered prescription purchases count toward your deductible (if applicable) and out-of-pocket maximum—that doesn’t happen with other discount drug card programs.* To use MedsYourWay:

  • Visit a participating in-network retail pharmacy.
  • Present your BCBSRI member ID card.
  • Pay the lowest available price AND have covered Rx purchases applied to your deductible.


We know specialty drugs can be very expensive. Now you can get help signing up for specialty drug copay assistance programs (like manufacturers coupons). Ask your employer if this FlexAccess is included in your plan.

Do you prefer home delivery?

Mail order pharmacy could save you money and time:

  • Receive 90-day supplies of your maintenance medicines.
  • Enjoy free standard shipping, refill reminders, and auto-refill.
  • Save time when you order online.
  • Pharmacists check each prescription multiple times before they send it to you.

Call 833-721-1627, 24/7, to create an account or to transfer your current prescriptions.

Please have your member ID card, prescription information, and doctor’s contact information ready. Our mail order pharmacy partner will help you get started.

Want to see your prescription history?

You can easily manage your medicines online—including your prescription history and costs—when you go to our partner MyPrime.com. While you’re on the MyPrime page, you can also:

  • See cost and coverage information for your medicines
  • Search for pharmacies in our network
  • Set up mail order service

*MedsYourWay is not insurance. It is a drug discount program administered by Prime Therapeutics, LLC, an independent company contracted by BCBSRI to provide pharmacy benefit management services. Ask your pharmacy if they participate in MedsYourWay before filling your prescription.