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You can use these tools to find doctors, hospitals, and other providers. When you log in to myBCBSRI, the results will be specific to your plan.

Use Find a Doctor to search for:

  • a new primary care provider (PCP) who can coordinate all your care
  • the address for an imaging center, specialist, or lab that your PCP referred you to
  • hospitals, urgent care centers, and other facilities
  • durable medical equipment and medical supplies providers

Remember, when you log in to myBCBSRI, you find results tailored to your specific network. Log in to myBCBSRI

If you don't log in, you can choose your plan on the search page.

Find care

Remember to choose your plan on the search page.

How to choose a PCP

Your primary care provider (PCP) can coordinate your care with specialists, labs, hospitals, and any other providers you might need. This type of coordinated care makes it easier for you to find your way through the healthcare system so you can focus on getting or staying healthy.

Our BlueCHiP plans include a provider network built on a coordinated care approach that puts you at the center of your care.

No matter which plan you have, you should work with a PCP who can coordinate your care. This allows your PCP to understand the “big picture” of your health.

Tips on selecting a PCP

Find a hospital in your network

All Individuals & Families plans except BlueCHiP

Find a hospital

BlueCHiP Direct

Find a hospital

BlueCHiP Direct Advance

Hospitals in this affordable, tailored network are:

  • Rhode Island Hospital
  • The Miriam Hospital
  • Newport Hospital
  • Bradley Hospital