How health insurance can help you

Medical bills can be very expensive. For example, treating a broken bone could cost $2,500. A week stay in hospital could cost almost $20,000. Health insurance could help.

Here's how it works.

You pay a specific amount of money to the insurance company each month – this is called your premium – and the insurance company helps you pay your medical bills once you reach your deductible. That's the amount of money you pay for your care before health insurance starts to cover costs.

Even before you reach your deductible, health insurance is working for you. We work with doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure you receive high-quality care at lower costs than you'd pay without your BCBSRI plan.

Just as important, health insurance allows you to go to the doctor for checkups and other preventive care, at no extra cost to you, so your doctor can help you stay healthy and spot any problems before they become serious.

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