Jun 13, 2022

Growing D-SNP Network

As of June 3, 2022, we’ve added 16 more PCPs to the BlueRI for Duals (D-SNP) network. As part of the enrollment process, check the Find a Doctor tool to identify which PCPs are in this ever-growing D-SNP network.

  • Geoffrey H Berg, MD
  • P Wilfredo Canchis, MD
  • Mechery J Davis, MD
  • Angelo Dicenso, MD
  • Irving T Gilson, MD
  • Wilfredo Giordano-Perez, MD
  • Luann Kelly, NP
  • Geraldina Kica, DO
  • Anthony J Lombardi Jr, MD
  • Frank Maggiacomo. DO
  • Ernesto Mirabal, MD
  • Hector Oshiro, MD
  • Michael J Rekas, DO
  • Christopher J Superczynski, MD
  • Jeanne W Swen, MD
  • Claude E Younes, MD

Specific provider not in-network? Make a request!

Have a client who’s interested in BlueRI for Duals, but their PCP isn’t in the D-SNP network? Or, are you seeing a trend with your dual-eligible clients having a particular PCP who doesn’t currently participate in the network? Send PCP names and addresses to Heather.Andrade@bcbsri.org. You’ll receive a follow-up if the PCP has been added to this growing D-SNP network.