Aug 4, 2023

New Application Notification Process for Incomplete Enrollments

Revised Jan 9, 2024

What’s new

  • To keep you better informed, you will now receive an Incomplete Enrollment Notification when additional information is needed on an application.
  • These alerts will indicate the reason(s) for incomplete status—including what information is needed, how long the application will pend, and ways to obtain and submit the missing information.
  • Emails will come from
  • The subject line will read: "An incomplete BCBSRI application requires your attention."

What to look for

  • Member name & MBI
    This will be identified in the first sentence of the notification email.
  • Reason for enrollment pending
    This will be listed in the second sentence of the notification email.
  • Incomplete Application Response Form
    Please use this link or call BCBSRI Broker Support at 401-459-5545 to provide the information needed. Note: You will need to enter the application ID number (included in the email) in the response form submission.
  • Incomplete application letter mailed date & missing information due date
    CMS regulations require that a letter be mailed to the member regarding their application’s pending status. The letter must specify the information that is needed for processing. The letter’s mailing date and information due date are listed in the last sentence in the notification email.

Please visit the Incomplete Enrollment Notification Guide for detailed guidance on how to resolve pending applications.