Sep 22, 2022

Broker Update Profile – Cristina Zatek

Taking a data-driven approach to client satisfaction

Every well-designed benefits plan needs an equally effective operational strategy to support it: that day-to-day oversight that ensures problems are resolved and clients are satisfied. At BCBSRI, Cristina Zatek is helping to execute that strategy.

Cris is the new Director of Account Management for Employer Segment Operations. Together with her team of large group and key account managers, she is working to enhance the operational performance of your clients’ BCBSRI health plans and ensure a more streamlined and convenient customer experience.

“We always want to exceed the expectations of our brokers and mutual clients,” notes Mark Sweeney, Director of Sales & Broker Relations. “Exceptional account management is vital to our retention efforts, and Cris brings a fresh eye to what is already a seasoned and highly effective team. It’s great to see BCBSRI continue to bolster our resources in this area.”

With more than a decade of experience in corporate benefits management, Cris understands employer-sponsored benefits. “My background gives me a unique perspective,” she notes. “I’ve been the purchaser and manager of self-funded plans, fully insured plans, HMOs, and PPOs. I understand the challenges an employer can face, and I know what constraints and demands they are often up against.”

Cris wants clients to know the best way to get the help they need—and to ensure that help is delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible. To that end, she’ll be analyzing processes and using metrics to evaluate performance and drive improvement.

“I’m very data-driven,” she explains, “and I’ll be monitoring key metrics like turnaround time and closure rates to ensure we are delivering the best service we can.”

Cris also works closely with her account managers to address larger, more complex requests and provide support when an issue can’t be resolved through traditional channels. Having worked within integrated delivery systems, insurance carriers, and corporate benefits administration, she is uniquely prepared to serve in a consultative capacity for brokers as well—whether it’s helping a self-funded client understand the inherent liability or financial risk in pursuing a particular benefit change or identifying new cost-saving opportunities.

“Ultimately, I want to help brokers support BCBSRI and our commitment to our mutual clients so those clients make the best possible decisions for their business and their employees,” she says.

A Michigan native, Cris holds a Master in Health Services Administration (MHSA) from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor degree in Accounting from Western Michigan University. She is an avid gardener, novice kayaker, and skilled beach-goer who is looking forward to pursuing her passions in the Ocean State when her family’s new home is ready in 2023.

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