Mar 19, 2019

Well-being: Wellness 2.0

Health, wellness, well-being. Whatever it’s called, the working world is obsessed with it, and it certainly means a lot more today than it did just a few years ago.

It’s incumbent on us to deliver the kind of workplace well-being programs that your clients’ employees deserve. The new approach to preventing illness and improving health is done in a variety of ways and from different angles—mental, physical, sleep, nutrition. The idea is to address one or more of these issues before they turn into something more serious. That’s why our wellness program is now referred to as “well-being,” because it incorporates so much more than getting steps in or going to the gym after work.

And good well-being programs really make sense. BCBSRI’s own experience over three years with commercial participants in our wellness and well-being program found that they experienced lower claims costs overall, and lower claims cost trends than non-participants.

Here's the chart.

Winning with Wellness

Employee well-being is now playing a significant role in helping employers engage their employees. This trend can impact productivity, increase employee satisfaction, bend the claims curve down, and also improve health overall.

For more information on BCBSRI's approach to wellness and well-being, or to pursue success like the client featured in the chart, contact your account manager. 

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