Dec 9, 2020

Coming soon! SmartShopper launches in January

Costs for common medical tests and procedures can vary dramatically from one provider to the next. When employees opt for higher-cost, same-quality options, your clients end up paying more—without getting more. SmartShopper can help.

Launching in January, SmartShopper rewards employees for selecting high-quality, cost-effective providers of routine medical tests and procedures such as mammograms, MRIs, and ultrasounds. Employees earn cash rewards—which can vary from $20 to $500—based on the overall savings realized by their choices. The rewards encourage repeat behavior and support a more cost-conscious mindset. Over time, this behavior change can make a significant difference in your clients’ overall healthcare expense.

Available for fully insured and self-funded clients

All 2021 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) fully insured plans for small and large group clients will include SmartShopper—with the exception of HSA-qualified high deductible plans. In addition, SmartShopper will be offered as a buy-up for self-funded accounts and offers a significant savings opportunity for these groups in particular. In fact, with SmartShopper, employers saw a $654 average claims savings per incentive paid, according to the 2020 SmartShopper Performance and Savings Report. SmartShopper offers your clients:

  • Proven Engagement
    This multi-channel program engages employees, motivates shopping, and redirects them to cost-effective care. Whether at home, at work, or on the go, SmartShopper delivers tailored messaging based on actual claims data and demographics. In addition, BCBSRI provides employee-ready collateral via the BCBSRI employer toolkit to help promote program use and increase engagement.
  • Real Results
    SmartShopper empowers employees to become smarter healthcare consumers. Validated by claims data, the program measures actual behavior change that can produce real cost savings, not just website hits.

Simple, seamless savings

SmartShopper delivers a seamless member experience. Employees can access the platform through their myBCBSRI account—no need to download an app or remember another username or password. Once they have registered with SmartShopper, an employee simply logs in, selects a procedure, and begins comparing lower-cost, high-quality care options. If they prefer, employees may also contact the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team for a 1:1 concierge experience that includes assistance with shopping and scheduling procedures.

Contact your BCBSRI account representative to learn how your clients can get started with SmartShopper.

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