Aug 22, 2022

Helping members save on Rx medications

Introducing MedsYourWay®

We’ve all heard stories of people skipping doses, cutting pills in half, or not taking their medication at all because of its cost. Any one of these practices could have an adverse effect on an individual’s health, now or in the future. MedsYourWay, a new prescription savings program from BCBSRI, can help—and it’s here September 8.

Seamlessly complements member benefits

Available to all non-Medicare BCBSRI members with pharmacy coverage, MedsYourWay automatically finds and applies the lowest available price of applicable discount cards for eligible prescriptions. There’s no need to register, search for coupons, or choose between using plan benefits or paying a lower out-of-pocket cost. The process is simple and seamless for its users.

  • The member visits their preferred in-network retail pharmacy.*
  • They present their prescription and, if requested, their BCBSRI member ID card.
  • MedsYourWay automatically searches all applicable discount card pricing for the eligible medication, compares options to the health plan’s copay, and then applies the best available price.
  • All covered prescription purchases count toward the member’s deductible (if applicable) and out-of-pocket maximum (which doesn’t happen with discount card programs).

MedsYourWay is included with all fully insured BCBSRI health plans and with self-funded plans that have pharmacy coverage. [Please note that while most pharmacies do participate in discount programs, some may opt to participate only in a select few or none at all. If a member is unsure about their pharmacy, we recommend they speak with the pharmacist before filling their prescription.]

Contact your BCBSRI sales representative to learn more about MedsYourWay.

*MedsYourWay is not insurance. It is a drug discount program administered by Prime Therapeutics, LLC, an independent pharmacy benefit management company, contracted by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) to provide pharmacy benefit management services, including the MedsYourWay program, and home delivery pharmacy services. Some pharmacies do not participate in all discount programs, so ask your pharmacy before filling your prescription.

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