Oct 26, 2020

Wellness solutions to manage COVID-19 challenges

The ongoing pandemic has created many challenges for your clients—chief among them, helping employees manage stress and protect their health as they navigate the unsettling realities of the “new normal.”

At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI), we offer comprehensive wellness solutions that support employees’ physical and emotional well-being—from programs that encourage and reward healthy behaviors to customized strategies to address diverse employee populations.

Wellness support online and on-the-go

Powered by Virgin Pulse, the BCBSRI wellness platform lets members access tools and services online or on their phone, including:

  • Healthy habits tracker – Members can log steps, quiet time, eating habits, and more
  • Journeys – Self-guided courses help members set and reach personal health goals
  • (New) customized nutrition guide – Members can create a nutrition profile, get helpful tips and recipes, and track calories
  • (New) Personalized sleep guide – Members set goals and track their progress toward better, more restorative sleep

Depending on the employee’s specific company program, they could earn rewards as they learn how to get and stay healthier and happier.

Bottom-line benefits from Wellness Premium Reward

Wellness Premium Reward offers annual incentives to employers based on their employees’ wellness achievements. The program is included with small group plans and available for large group fully insured clients. Employees earn points for completing healthy activities, which translate to quarterly rewards for them and an annual payout for your clients.

For Q4, we’ve added two new ways clients and their employees can maximize their annual earnings. Members can:

  • Earn double points for reading daily health cards and logging healthy habits.
  • Participate in new challenges focused on mindfulness and sleep habits. In addition to earning points, employees will learn strategies to help them cope with this difficult year.

Wellness Premium Reward offers support and resources to help your clients promote the program—without adding to their workload. The BCBSRI employer toolkit includes ready-to-use emails and support materials to help employees understand the program and maximize their health plan benefits.

Customized strategies for specific client challenges

Self-insured clients will benefit from a more customized approach to wellness. Our wellness consultants can craft strategies that address varied employee work environments—offices, manufacturing floors, or retail spaces, for example—along with specific employee health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, and substance abuse issues. Wellness programs can be integrated with clinical care models to help identify and support at-risk employees and monitor overall healthcare cost trends.

Let us help you deliver more value for your clients

Wellness encourages healthier, more engaged, and more productive employees—and can go a long way in supporting employees through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Contact your BCBSRI sales representative to learn more.

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