May 18, 2021

Comprehensive care for emotional well-being

Your clients can play a pivotal role in helping their employees manage their behavioral health by openly discussing mental health conditions, promoting available resources, and encouraging employees to seek treatment. These actions can help to reduce the stigma often associated with mental health challenges and help employees live healthier, happier lives.

Of course, not all employers may realize the full range of services available through Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI). (In an emergency, of course, members should always dial 911.) Here is a quick overview.

Providing support when it’s needed most

All BCBSRI plan members have access to services for anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, eating disorders, grief, and other conditions.

In addition to traditional in-person counseling, virtual therapy appointments are available, either through plan providers or Doctors Online (for plans that include that service). If a member requires more intensive support, care options range from outpatient programs that enable the individual to continue working to 24/7 inpatient services for members who are in crisis or have severe symptoms. In partnership with community providers, BCBSRI offers additional programming for adults as well as specialized care for children and teens.

BCBSRI’s 24-hour Behavioral Health Line (1-800-274-2958) can help members locate suitable providers and/or connect with a behavioral health case manager if desired.

Employers can find ready-to-use materials in the BCBSRI Employer Toolkit that discuss behavioral health and highlight available resources.

To learn more about the toolkit or any BCBSRI health plan benefit, please contact your BCBSRI sales representative.

Please note: Some programs are not available to members with Medicare Advantage or Plan 65. Coverage and cost sharing vary depending on the plan. To see plan-specific coverage and costs, please refer to the Subscriber Agreement or contact the number on the member ID card.

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