Mar 19, 2019

Electronic Enrollment Update

BCBSRI recently updated and enhanced the Electronic Enrollment Web Application to provide an easier selection process when enrolling new members. 

Previously, if an employer account utilized department numbers as “optional” for bookkeeping purposes, or “mandatory” to apply different probationary periods for different categories of employees, the department number would appear as part of the group/subgroup/benefit selection. This could, in some cases, make the selection list long and prone to error. The new enhancement still allows for the “optional” and “mandatory” department information, but it will now have its own field.

(For a closer look at this enhancement, click here.)

Further enhancements in the works

  • Large Group Broker Provisioning: Single sign-on for broker firms that perform enrollment on behalf of their customers. This enhancement will allow the broker access to all the accounts for which they’ve administered enrollment.
  • Future Enrollee Updates: The ability to make changes on members that already have a “future-effective” date change. Currently, the member is locked from additional changes. This enhancement will allow changes for members updated with a future date change to be performed. This will assist with open enrollment when accounts no longer offer a previous benefit and members are migrated to a new offering pending their open enrollment election.
  • PCP Selection Process: The improved application will provide a more enhanced, interactive process of searching for a PCP when enrolling members.

Contact your account manager for more information about these enhancements. 

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