Jun 20, 2019

New! Provider performance ratings now available

You check ratings for so many things, like phones and car repair. We think healthcare is even more important, so we’re excited to share a new feature on the Find a Doctor tool. Now, your clients and their employees can view performance ratings for primary care providers (PCP) to help them make informed decisions about doctors.

These ratings help ensure members have the information available to make decisions based on cost and quality, and that ultimately impacts overall cost for your employer clients. Here is a brief overview of the ratings:

Provider Performance Rating sample

How to use Find a Doctor and see the performance ratings:

  • Register or log into your account on bcbsri.com

  • Choose “Find a Doctor” from the menu at left

  • Search for “PCP” to locate one near you

  • Take a look at the performance ratings

Toolkit Resource: Check out this flier that you can share with clients and their employees.

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