Save money on your prescriptions 

Prescriptions are often one of the most widely used health plan benefits for most people. That's why we've created programs to help you save money when you get your prescriptions filled, either by mail or at the pharmacy.

$0 copay for mail order prescriptions

Get a 90-day supply of many common prescription drugs delivered to your door for $0 copay. We make it easy to do yourself, or your doctor can help.

Lower prescription costs at our preferred pharmacies

You can now take advantage of lower costs at our preferred retail pharmacies. When you pick up prescriptions at one of these pharmacies, your out-of-pocket costs may be lower than what you would pay at a "standard" pharmacy. That's because we've partnered with the pharmacy retailers and independent local pharmacies our members use most to get a lower price on certain drugs compared to our other network pharmacies.

See if your favorite pharmacy is part of the network

Are your prescriptions covered?

View our drug lists (also called "formularies") to find your medicationss.